Handhelds (Pocket Inventory)

Below are the Device Selections (during Pocket Inventory installation) and .Net Compact Framework prerequisites that are needed based on the device's OS:

*Note: The .Net Compact Frameworks 2.0 and 3.5 can be found in the Compact Frameworks folder of the Pocket Inventory Installation files once they are downloaded.

Reference Images of Supported Devices

Visually Identifying your Handheld's Mobile Operating System

CipherLab 9700 Barcode Reader Configuration Guide

CipherLab 8200 Installation and Usage Guide

Supported Mobile Operating Systems:

Note: The above Handheld Operating Systems come pre-installed on the Handheld Devices as listed in the Hardware grid. pcAmerica can only support the configurations shown in the Hardware grid. 

**Unless explicitly instructed by a pcAmerica support technician, under NO circumstances should you replace or upgrade your handheld's existing Mobile Operating System/Firmware.**