FDMS Nash-North / Datawire - Restaurant

When using FDMS Nash-North (Datawire) in a Restaurant/Fine Dining Environment the transactions are processed via Terminal Capture* (see below) and the following steps should be completed: 

*Terminal Capture –All of the transaction information is stored in the CRE/RPE database. At the end of the day, each station must run a settlement, if no settlement is performed the funds will not be transferred to the bank. If the check transaction information is removed from the database BEFORE settling (via Clear Database), the funds will not be transferred to the bank and the information will be lost.


Please select the type of processing you would like to configure below:


Note: Customers using FDMS Nash-North (Datawire) Must run a Credit Card Settlement from EACH Station.

Note: Each station requires a separate terminal number (TID).