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QuickBooks Exports

QuickBooks Exports

Currently pcAmerica integrates with QuickBooks 2007 through 2018 with the following US editions*:

    • Pro
    • Premiere
    • Enterprise requires Quickbooks 2016 and newer
 *QuickBooks 2012 requires 12.60300 or above for the integration.
 *QuickBooks 2013 requires 12.60483 or above for the integration.
 *QuickBooks 2014 requires 12.60540 or above for the integration.
 *QuickBooks 2015 requires 12.60550 or above for the integration.
 *QuickBooks 2016 requires 12.70140 or above for the integration.
              *QuickBooks 2017 requires 12.80030 or above for the integration.    
              *QuickBooks 2018 requires 12.80300 or above for the integration.
              *QuickBooks 2019 requires 12.90080 or above for the integration.

**Note: QuickBooks Sub Accounts are not supported in the QuickBooks Sales Pass export. Mapping Sub Accounts to the export set will result in a failed export.**

The General Sales Export consists of sales figures (i.e. Net Sales = $7,692.54) being sent to accounts specified in QuickBooks.  The data that is exported is similar to what you will find on the top of your Detailed Daily, or End of Day report (under Sales Totals and Breakdown by Payment Type).


The Itemized Sales Export consists of itemized invoice data broken down and is the more detailed of the two exports.  The information in the itemized invoice export is similar to what is displayed on the Receipt Listing Report.  This intricate export may also need additional information exported:

In order to run an Itemized Export, additional information may need to be exported in conjunction with the itemized one, depending on the type of transactions that have been performed:

Note: Any of the following can be exported separately, if you require only the specific information to be sent to QuickBooks.

Customer Export

Inventory  Export




The Customer (Customer Information) Export will export your customers and customer balance.



The Inventory Export will export your inventory and stock levels to QuickBooks.



The PO (Purchase Orders) Export will export all of your PO purchase Order information to QuickBooks. 



The Time Sheet (Employee Wages) Export will export all of your employees hours and wages to QuickBooks.  Each employee in CRE/RPE must have first and last names configured including 01 and 100101.



The AR (Accounts Receivable) Export will export all of your A/R (accounts Receivable) data to QuickBooks.