Chase Paymentech / NetConnect - US

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: Chase paymentech/Netconnect in scope processing is no longer support, it is now Legacy as of 9/30/2017. If you want to continue to process with Chase through CRE/RPE you must use our EMV certified processing solution with the Verifone VX805 PINpad. To learn how to install and configure the VX805 PINpad with Chase Paymentech please read Chase Paymentech w/ VX805 Installation & Usage Guide.

When using Chase Paymentech / NetConnect in a Retail/Quick Service environment the transactions can be processed via Host Capture or Terminal Capture.

When using Chase Paymentech / NetConnect in a Restaurant/Fine Dining environment using tip, the transactions must be processed via Terminal Capture.

  • Host Capture - all transaction information is saved by the processor, but still allows user to send a settlement command.
  • Terminal Capture - all transaction information is saved within the station the transaction was processed on. This allows the user to add tip before settling (Tip Line must be enabled).


Please select the type of processing you would like to configure below:

  • Chase Paymentech Setup (Retail/Quick Service/Restaurant using Credit and Debit Cards)
    • Please follow these instructions to Configuring Tips if you are using Restaurant Pro Express.
    • If Debit Card transactions will be used, a supported PinPad will need to be installed. PinPad must be pre-loaded with encryption key prior to configuration and may require software to be running.
      • Please follow these instructions to view supported PinPads and how to install and configure these devices.



Note: The Account setup information may be the same for all the payment processing types above (provided the account has been provisioned, accordingly).

Note: Your account must be provisioned for host capture (through Chase) prior to any live transactions being performed.

Note: Customers using Chase Paymentech Must run a Credit Card Settlement from EACH Station.

Note: each station requires a separate terminal number (TID).

If you would like to switch from Retail to Restaurant, the following steps must first be done before enabling/disabling tips:

  • The database must first be backed up.
  • A credit card settlement must be performed.
  • Chase must be contacted directly so they can configure your account for the correct type of transactions that will be performed.
  • After the above is done you can then make the changes in CRE/RPE and begin taking the new transaction types.

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