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pcAmerica Vendor Verified Hardware

Vendor verified hardware, is hardware that has been tested and confirmed to be compatible with the latest version of CRE/RPE, by approved select pcAmerica hardware vendors. pcAmerica's Tech Support Team can only offer assistance to the extent of configuring hardware settings within the parameters of the CRE/RPE software. For assistance with driver installation or troubleshooting vendor verified hardware, please contact the hardware vendor directly.


Current Vendor Verified Hardware

    • TYSSO AIO Touchscreen Systems
      • POP950
      • POS3000
      • POS5715
    • TYSSO Printers
      • PRP3000
    • TYSSO Barcode Scanner
      • BT650
    • TYSSO Cash Drawer
      • PCD426
    • AZT Tablet Systems
      • WinTab 1001RE
    • AZT Printers
      • 804R
      • 805W
    • AZT Barcode Scanners
      •  ZQLS6000